Monday, August 10, 2009

I've moved ... my blog, that is

Thanks to The_Duke, who pointed out to me that there are other free blogging sites beside myspace, I have decided to move my blogs here. I am not sure how I can move the postings I have so far in myspace to here but I will move them somehow. Why, you may ask - well, first and foremost, it's free :) Second it's part of Google, which always have been my favorite search engine. Third, I've got good feedback about them from my friends. So blogspot it is!


  1. first to comment!!! heh heh! welcome to world of blogging on blogger!


  2. Hi there!

    I had followed you post about the OneKey Recovery partition and button issues. I thought you might like to know that I have created a utility that will allow users to copy (clone) their hard drive and keep the OneKey Recovery in working order (or repair it). The key was a small HPA that lenovo now uses to store the boot tool, a little like the old IBM T4x series just a much smaller space. Anyway you can find my post with the donwload utility at the following:

    Maybe you can check it out and post someting so otthers might get some much needed help (thanks for nothing lenovo)...

    Take care,


    P.S. Keep-up the nice work, I enjoy reading your blog :)

  3. I must (also) thank you for your blog. It is so rare to find someone who takes such time and pride in completeness and attention to detail! Your efforts are very much appreciated by those who come across them.

    I just bought 3 S10s for me and family and am in the process of "discovery" ... so you helped hurry things along and it is much appreciated. I too share a love of google, a really big outfit that seems to have much the same outlook about making things that work and paying attention to detail and to user's needs.

    I have to think you were a teacher at one time (as I) ... otherwise what a waste. You have the gift.